Wofex Spring

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World Food Expo Spring

The Virtual Edition

An exciting offshoot of the global pandemic is that everyone started reinventing and reimagining the way they do business - able to explore many new possibilites This is exactly why our planned two seasons of WOFEX has been fast-tracked for 2021. This is our answer to the loss of business in 2020. This is our answer to the need to explore new avenues for our economic activities In 2021, WOFEX Spring launches its first Virtual Edition, Join us as we explore the possibilities of this digital platform. We are making the move not to wait for pandemic to go away ... we are making the move to have business continuity despite the pandemic. Just as in the past, we are confident that our clients will join us in this journey of reimagination, of exploration and of bouncing back because business must and will continue. WOFEX continues to be at your service

Philippines Canada

Culinary Cup

Be a part of our first ever virtual culinary competition - the Philippines-Canada Culinary Cup. Watch as teams from Canada and the Philippines work together to create unique Filipino dishes using top quality Canadian products. View it live at fb.com/Philippine-Culinary-Cup-113218215422448/ on March 24 and 25, 2021.

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