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March 20-29, 2021

Virtual Edition


November 10 - 13, 2021

Megatrade Hall 5th Level Mega B, SM Megamall+ Virtual Edition
From AdversityComes opportunities

We have always believed that problems are simply opportunities in work clothes. The pandemic will go down in history as the biggest challenge the industry has ever faced – but it should not prevent us from moving forward.

WOFEX RESPONDS to the setback by quickly pivoting to the virtual stage. Through our online platforms and social media pages, we continue to touch base and be of service to the F&B industry.

WOFEX joins the stakeholders of the F&B industry as it quickly moves to RECOVER customer confidence, revitalize economic activity and take the time to upgrade the skills of the F&B professional. WOFEX quickly learned new marketing platforms whose huge potential appeal is today being embraced by the industry.

WOFEX REIMAGINES the way expos will be done. Our clients have always trusted us, in the past, when we ventured into unchartered territories and we are confident that they will continue to trust our expertise as we explore exciting new ways to deliver the ULTIMATE food show experience.

World Food Expo

WOFEX Spring

Virtual Edition

March 20-29, 2021

An exciting offshoot of the global pandemic is that everyone started reinventing and reimagining the way they do business - able to explore many new possibilites, This is exactly why our planned two seasons of WOFEX has been fast-tracked for 2021. This is our answer to the loss of business in 2020. This is our answer to the need to explore new avenues for our economic activities. In 2021, WOFEX Spring launches its first Virtual Edition, Join us as we explore the possibilities of this digital platform. We are making the move not to wait for pandemic to go away ... we are making the move to have business continuity despite the pandemic. Just as in the past, we are confident that our clients will join us in this journey of reimagination, of exploration and of bouncing back because business must and will continue. WOFEX continues to be at your service

World Food Expo

WOFEX Autumn

Megatrade Hall, 5th Level Mega B, SM Megamall

November 10 -13 2021

Global experts predict that the events industry will have some semblance of normalcy by the third quarter of 2021. This is the perfect time to recover and to energize new business strategies. With its proven track record, WOFEX shall continue to be the perfect platform to bounce back. Having missed the excitement of the show in 2020, the industry will be more energized to revisit the ultimate food show experience. Still in two of the country’s largest venues, WOFEX Autumn promises to have an even wider reach. Already the most effective trade show, this edition shall continue to integrate more digital elements to further enhance its business offerings. Together, let us synergize the F&B industry and make the last half of 2021 the perfect time to bounce back! The combined strengths of World Food Expo, the Philippine Culinary Cup and the Hotel Summit & Expo shall once again serve as the perfect meeting place for buyers and sellers.WOFEX Autumn…relive the excitement as only WOFEX can deliver.

World Food Expo

Enjoy a Safe and Fruitful Visit at WOFEX Autumn

Your safety is our top priority! We’ve made sure that you not only get to experience the Ultimate Food Show once again but to enjoy it worry-free with safety protocols designed to keep you safe at all times. Watch out for WOFEX Autumn this November

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World Food Expo

Food Homepreneur

November 9 & 10, 2021.

"You don’t have to have a traditional brick and mortar business to have a profitable business.” Would you like to start a business with less risks? If yes, then you might consider one that is home-based! With minimal costs and quicker exits, a home-based entrepreneur is able to establish a stable flow of income while keeping safe and still being able to spend quality time with the family. BE YOUR OWN BOSS and join “The Food Homepreneur Summit 2021.” on November 9 & 10, 2021. Learn new skills and get a head start on your own home-based food business.

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World Food Expo


In-Person Hands-on Sessions Megatrade Hall, 5th Level Mega B, SM Megamall

November 11 - 12, 2021

A 2-day summit designed to deliver lectures and workshops focused on building one’s sensory skills. Participants will learn the art of tweaking the four basic tastes - Salty, Sweet, Bitter and Sour – to be able to create unique sweet and savory dishes and beverages.
Let's learn how to make your culinary and coffee experiences more exciting!

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